Elementary School at Calvary Christian Academy

Build a strong foundation for your child with our distinct learning model.

Curriculum Overview

Children learn best by doing. Experiencing learning through a wide variety of activities is the focus of our elementary program. When young students learn this way, they make deep connections to concepts and better understand the world around them. Our relational class environments of 12 in Grades K-2 and 14 in Grades 3-5, ensure that each individual is seen, heard, encouraged, and challenged. 

Kindergarten is foundational to a child’s educational journey. Our experienced, licensed educators create an environment that feels like play, but is actually building foundational skills and promoting a culture of lifelong learning. Our first and second-grade students continue building upon their skills through developmentally-appropriate methodologies and pedagogy. Students participate in hands-on learning that involves critical thinking, resilience, and cooperation. 

Students in Grades 3-5 transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” At this level, students are more independent, better able to understand concepts, and can begin to make deeper connections with people and ideas. Project-based learning and hands-on activities make learning engaging and relevant.    

Calvary Christian Academy has allowed our children the freedom of childhood we’ve longed for in modern education while simultaneously creating an academic environment where they are pushed to their individual abilities.” 

CCA Parent