Middle School at Calvary Christian Academy

Middle school is a pivotal time for your child’s growth — physically, emotionally, socially, and academically.

During these years, children are coming into their own, developing influential friendships, and forming a foundation that will guide them throughout their lives.

At Calvary Christian Academy, we know how important this stage is. With that in mind, we’ve designed a meaningful middle school program that is more than a bridge between elementary and high school. Discover an intentional and individualized culture that helps each and every child thrive.

Unlocking your child’s potential with personalized learning

Everything we do at Calvary Christian Academy is designed with your child in mind. Through a personalized learning approach, we’ll help your son or daughter relate learning to what they enjoy most.

Exploration and discovery

Every semester, students choose areas of study they’d like to focus on based on their interests, such as acting, guitar, maker space, personal fitness, interior design, or biblical languages, among others. This exploratory model encourages students to find their passions and pursue their interests academically.

Competency-based learning:

The focus is on children experiencing real learning rather than completion of work, which allows us to challenge students who excel in a subject as well as provide additional support to those who need it. Learn more in this video:

Technology-light approach

Rather than depending on devices to teach, we are mindful to focus on our students and thoughtfully employ technology solely to enhance the learning experience.

Relational teaching

Our Educators and Middle School Mentors are invested in knowing, growing, and empowering each student through encouragement, support, and discipleship.

My daughter started middle school last year with Calvary Christian Academy. She walked straight into sixth grade feeling known, loved, and supported. Her transition was a breeze. She wasn’t anxious or worried at all. Instead, she was proud and excited to walk into her middle school era with confidence. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Stephanie Robnett

Cultivating a culture of connection and growth

The middle school years can be a challenging season as pre-teens are learning to navigate conflict and figuring out who they are. We guide our students through this process by prioritizing relationships and meaningful discipleship that encourage students to grow in God’s truth.

Dedicated Mentors

Our small school environment creates a mentorship culture that allows every student to be seen and heard. During bible classes, dedicated Middle School Mentors walk alongside students –  navigating their struggles and celebrating their victories – while learning more about God and his Word. They get to know students personally and help them grow as individuals as well as Christ followers.

Loving Discipline

Our biblical approach to discipline is designed to help students learn, grow, and respond appropriately to mistakes. Proactively, our Gathering teachers guide students in applying scriptural truths to their daily lives. When discipline is needed, mentors come alongside students to help them work through the restorative process and provide follow-up support.

Engaging Extracurriculars

In addition to humanities and STEM classes, many middle schoolers grow in the discovery of who they are through electives, such as music, art, and PE. Students spend time engaging in enriching service experiences, such as reading to kindergartners and leading younger students in morning prayer time. Athletic opportunities like soccer, volleyball, and basketball allow students to try something new or improve their skills.

Middle School Science Class

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Empowering students for high school excellence

Setting them up for success — today and tomorrow.

Your child will be well-prepared academically while also developing durable skills not often taught in school — such as grit, problem-solving, teamwork, empathy, and communication — all from a biblical worldview. 


Students benefit from an integrated approach to English, reading, and history, along with lab-based science lessons in chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, and geology. Small-group math workshops promote learning with games, challenges, and discussion, while individualized pacing creates a class culture that values perseverance and making connections between concepts and procedures.


Exploratory rotations encourage students to learn more about themselves, what they like, and who they want to be. Interdisciplinary teaching encourages flexibility and critical thinking, while an annual self-directed project fosters creativity and innovation.


As they progress through middle school, your child will have the opportunity to participate in a flexible schedule, which helps develop responsibility, time management, and self-advocacy. During this time, they learn to take initiative and ownership of their learning, going to teachers when (or if) the need for help arises.

Goal Setting

Each flexible learning day, students begin by setting individual goals and priorities for the day. Goal setting is fostered in class, too, when students think about how to use the skills they’re gaining later in life. Overall, they learn to plan and prioritize their time to shape their academic journey.

A Safe Place to Learn and Grow

Middle schoolers are growing but still crave a sense of community, safety, and security.  Our campus, located on the grounds of Calvary Church, has modern security measures in place, and we work hard to promote a supportive, encouraging community culture. To that end, our aim is to provide an environment where every child loves coming to school each day.

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