Invest in Your Child’s Success with Calvary Christian Academy’s Affordable Tuition

Explore the value of education at CCA, a K-9 private Christian school in Charlotte, NC

As you navigate the journey of finding the right school for your child, you’re seeking more than just a place where they will be educated. You’re searching for a community that shares your values and invests in your child’s academic, spiritual, emotional, and social development.

At Calvary Christian Academy, our commitment to providing a safe, nurturing, and personalized learning environment sets us apart from other private schools in Charlotte, NC. 

You may be asking…

Is it Worth It? Can I Afford It?

Families at CCA appreciate our co-teaching model and smaller class sizes, ensuring each child is seen, heard, encouraged, and challenged. Dedicated faculty and staff build strong relationships, empowering students to thrive academically and nurturing a vibrant sense of community.

CCA fosters a values-driven education for your child from Christian kindergarten through middle school, with the launch of our high school in 2024-2025. We celebrate diversity and are passionate about making our distinct educational model accessible to families from all socio-economic backgrounds. 

We provide various forms of tuition assistance, including CCA Financial Aid and the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Program.

As parents, we realize everyday how important it is to have a community of Christians around our kids. CCA’s intentionally small class sizes and shepherd/mentor roles provide our kids with many others who are modeling for them what it looks like to follow Christ. The short-term investment we are making now is helping us lay a Biblical foundation that they can build their lives upon.

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Learn more about CCA’s academic approach and how it shapes a student’s journey from kindergarten through ninth grade. Or catch a glimpse into what Christ-centered education at a private school in Charlotte, NC, looks like by grade level.


Kindergarten-Grade 9$15,500

The non-refundable enrollment fee of $250 secures your seat after acceptance and is deducted from the annual tuition cost. As we adapt to the evolving educational landscape, tuition insurance is now required at $200 per person. 

We understand the importance of flexibility. Families can choose from four convenient payment plan options (annual, bi-annual, quarterly, and monthly) to fit their preferences.

Questions about our payment options?

We are here to help! Contact Mary Lenes, Director of Admissions, at (980) 242-9933.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine if a family is eligible for financial aid?

FACTS, a widely used K-12 tuition management platform, assesses eligibility. You can apply for financial aid during the application process.

Is there a cap on available funds?

Yes, there is a limited amount of need-based financial aid.

Is tuition assistance available for students in all grades?


Could applying for tuition assistance diminish a student’s chance of acceptance at your school?

No, the application for tuition assistance has no bearing on acceptance decisions.

Can we receive both CCA Financial Aid and the NC Opportunity Scholarship?

Yes. To learn more about all the tuition assistance options available, please contact Mary Lenes, Director of Admissions, at (980) 242-9933. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Envision how your child can thrive at CCA.