Enrichment Classes

In addition to our core curriculum, CCA students enjoy a wide range of enrichment classes that build on the concepts and skills they’re learning. From Music to our unique World Language & Culture class, learners have the opportunity to explore their interests and passions in a variety areas, cultivating student ownership and a love of learning.


Students learn how to use competition, athletics, and sports to glorify God in our PE program. Through sports rotations and team building activities, students develop sportsmanship, discipline, and work ethic. Our aim is for students to enjoy being active while using their gifts and abilities to honor the Lord.

World Language & Culture

World Language & Culture provides an opportunity for K-5 students to develop cross-cultural awareness and curiosity. Learners are reminded that God created a beautiful world full of variety and that all people are made in God’s image and have their own unique experiences and customs. Throughout the year, students dive into several country studies, exploring their customs, foods, languages, and beliefs. Students also learn what it’s like to be a Christian in each country and the kinds of work that missionaries are doing there. 


Knowing that God created the world and each of us in His own image changes how we make art! CCA’s art program is designed to help students grow in their understanding and implementation of art principles, techniques, and history, while also having the freedom to express the unique creativity that God has given to them. Throughout the year, students explore various techniques from watercolor painting to printmaking.


CCA’s music program establishes a strong music foundation for students with an emphasis on using music as a way to glorify God. Kindermusik Musicians classes in Kindergarten and First Grade introduce music notation, new and complex instruments, and different genres of music, fostering ensemble participation while enhancing problem-solving and pre-literacy skills. In elementary school, students receive a well-rounded music education, including general music instruction and choir, while emphasizing Orff principles to enhance musical learning and creativity. Students continue to participate in choir in middle and high school, building on their vocal skills, as well as preparing for a spring musical, further enriching their musical experience and performance abilities.