High School at Calvary Christian Academy

Empowering students for their future through biblical, relational, personalized education.

Life-changing experiences happen in high school. Friendships and values are formed. Goals, beliefs, and dreams for the future take shape. During these pivotal years, you want your teen in an environment where they will be known, grown, empowered, and equipped to excel in whatever God has in store for their lives. We understand that and are dedicated to helping your child thrive — spiritually, socially, and academically.

At Calvary Christian Academy, your teen will be supported with an individualized education in a mentorship culture that encourages independence and accountability. As a member of our founding freshman class, your son or daughter will also have the distinct opportunity to impact the future of Calvary Christian High School. We invite you to join us in creating traditions they’ll look back on with pride and success.

What More Can You Expect?

At Calvary Christian High School, students receive a competency-based education in which they are offered a voice to learn as they choose. Your teen will also benefit from an environment of intentional discipleship where they’ll be known and loved as well as have access to their teachers throughout each day. What’s more, creativity will flourish in our distinctive studio space where each high schooler has a space to call their own.

Competency-Based Education

Through competency-based education (CBE) balanced with small class sizes, your high schooler will experience a much more personalized approach to learning in which instructional pace, lessons, and assessments are personalized to each student. Our focus on mastery of content versus test scores ensures students have a strong grasp of course material, which they learn to apply to real-world situations. The curriculum for each course is derived from state standards that have been broken down into proficiency scales — transparent grade-level guidelines for each subject area that help students and parents understand expectations.

Purposeful Discipleship

Another hallmark of a private high school experience at CCA is our focus on purposeful discipleship, through which we strive to share heart-based Bible instruction and stimulate thoughtful discussions that orient students’ hearts toward God. Additionally, our teacher-mentors are present to support each child’s social, emotional, and spiritual needs. They have a meaningful, Christ-centered connection with students, walking alongside them in their struggles and celebrating with them in their victories.

Teacher Accessibility

In many high schools, students might share a class with 20 or more students and may only have access to speak to a teacher for a few minutes after class or an hour during a break. However, at CCA, your child will have access to their instructors for individualized help during their daily studio time. Students are comfortable going to their teachers for continued conversations as needed. Our focus on personalized attention ensures there’s always an opportunity for dialogue that fosters real-time learning.

Studio Space

Our unique studio concept is designed to complement our classroom instruction and engage student creativity. It’s intended to offer a separate dedicated space for high schoolers to undertake projects and independent work, similar to what you might find in an architecture or engineering school. In this area, students will have their own desks and be able to decorate the walls as a community. To further students on their academic journey, our teachers use studio time to work with small groups or individuals on their specific needs.

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Empowering Students to Excel in College & Life

We are dedicated to preparing students for the rigors of college and career, encouraging student ownership and accountability. In addition to the following core components, students will also benefit from enriching electives, such as visual and performing arts, engineering, physical education, and yearbook.

Excellent Academics

Your teen will take courses in humanities, science, math, Bible, and Spanish, with other secondary languages available for study through our online partners. They’ll also complete independent projects, engage in problem-based learning in which they attempt to solve real-world issues, and participate in Socratic dialogue, which involves thought-provoking questions that ignite thoughtful intellectual discussions. Additionally, Advanced Placement (AP) and dual enrollment opportunities for college credit through partner universities will be available.

Invaluable Life Skills

At CCA, we are dedicated to nurturing critical competencies that are foundational for students’ success in college, career, and life — but which are often overlooked in traditional schools. These life skills were decided on by our school community and in line with college and employer expectations. They include communication, teamwork, problem-solving, empathy, self-discipline, self-advocacy, organization, integrity, time management, and conflict resolution, among others.

Meaningful Internships & Service

In time, your child will have the chance to participate in internships, service experiences, experiential off-campus opportunities, and international missions-based travel, promoting Christ-centered character development. Students will gain independence and responsibility as they explore different career paths and gain a wider perspective of the world.

Dedicated Mentors

Every faculty and staff member is equally invested in your teen’s success. We’ll help them set goals and monitor and track their progression toward those goals, an important skill to master when preparing for college. Additionally, our mentors will regularly check in with your child, help them reflect on what’s working, and provide support when a change in approach may be needed.

“We have loved every bit of our experience with Calvary Christian Academy. The staff is incredibly purposeful and caring. Our child is excelling academically and relationally, and trying so many different types of activities we never imagined he would try. We’re so grateful that the school is growing with the kids and that our son will be able to stay with Calvary through high school as well.”

CCA Parent

Fostering Meaningful Student-Teacher Relationships

Our relational environment means your teen will be seen, heard, encouraged, and challenged to thrive in and out of the classroom and on and off the field. Here are a few things that make the culture at CCA a valuable part of your teen’s life.

Independence and Leadership

Through a culture of guided independence, students will take responsibility and ownership of their learning experience. Our students are also uniquely positioned to serve as trailblazers for what the Calvary Christian Academy High School experience will look like for years to come, creating memorable school traditions and contributing to the blueprint of what lies ahead.

Boys in class
girls in class
Interesting & Engaging Instruction

At CCA, our high schoolers will experience unique growth opportunities in and out of the classroom, as we meet them where they want to be while learning the same standards they would in other schools. This might mean having classroom discussions or mentoring in a coffee shop or a public library, for example.

Athletics with Purpose

To complement academics, we offer soccer, volleyball, basketball, golf, tennis, cross country, and pickleball, as well as a game room for free-time fun. As of the 2024-2025 school year, CCA is part of the Tri-County Athletic Conference, an opportunity to further develop community through wholesome competition and good sportsmanship.

soccer players praying with coach

Creating a Safe Place to Learn and Grow

Located on the grounds of Calvary Church, our campus has modern security features in place, and we are dedicated to fostering a positive and encouraging community atmosphere. We want your child to feel safe at school every day — physically, spiritually, and emotionally. As such, our mentors are committed to getting to know every student and providing the support they need to grow as people and Christ followers. 

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